Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let Us Strive to Contain It on Earth


Back on August 7, 2014, President Obama assured us that we need not worry about the Ebola virus. It can and will be contained, he indicated. That explanation did not satisfy me, but most Americans seem to rely on our government’s assurances like fish in a hatchery at feeding time.

Now, things have changed. I guess the government has realized that to contain the virus, somebody had to do something. Imagine that. Here is the plan:

·        Build 17 new treatment facilities. Good idea. Meanwhile, as the disease spreads through West Africa, where it has already killed thousands, we will continue to bring infected U.S. citizens back home to be treated here. What could possibly go wrong?

·        Send $763 million to fund the program, since no one in West Africa ever squandered American aid dollars. We can rest assured that every dime will reach those in need.

·        The President plans to get the rest of the world involved in the fight to prevent the spread of Ebola. I suppose because of his tough reputation, he does not even have to say, “Pretty please.” So far, Cuba and China have sent a few health workers, and I believe some other African nation is planning to lend Sierra Leone an ambulance to transport the dead numbering 2500 since the announcement about containing the disease.

·        More than two months ago, West African nations and American medical experts implored the White House to jump on the plans to control Ebola. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama believes that "making an investment here early is critical to trying to snuff out this problem before it becomes a much more widespread problem." Although the White House position two months ago was the virus would surely be contained, today we were told it is "spiraling out of control." Gee, who knew?

·        Another measure calls for sending 3000 American troops to affected West African nations to help with the efforts to eradicate the virus. Nothing could go wrong there.

·        My favorite measure is the effort to make sure airline personnel stay alert for signs of the virus in any passengers. Don’t worry. You can trust your flight attendant.

·        Of course, efforts will also be stepped up by airport security personnel. When they are not confiscating nail clippers from little old ladies, they can keep Ebola-infected people out of the U.S.A.

Certainly, something must be done and the effort must be global. However, I have absolutely no faith in the present administration to lead the world in anything. They are already too late. For example, months ago, Air France stopped all flights to and from West Africa to help protect French citizens. We still have over two-hundred thousand outstanding visas issued to nations affected by Ebola. What could go wrong there?

I think I can add one more idea to the President’s overall plan: Put up signs in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas forbidding entry to anyone suffering from the Ebola virus. Let’s all work together to confine this deadly disease to planet Earth.


. . .