Turning Over New Leaf

Friday, October 24, 2014

Are Terrific Buns Important?


Would you believe it is possible for KFC to be larger than the State of Kentucky? According to the Huffington Post, change is on the horizon. It appears likely to reach its peak during our children’s lifetimes. In fact NASA is already training a team of (Russian) astronauts to explore the future corporate planet for signs of life.

Like most fast food conglomerates, KFC is progressing. Many healthy Americans have been enjoying the "Double Down King," complete with two slabs of fried chicken, covered with bacon and doused with a cholesterol-fighting cheese spread for years. That is all about to change.

Our loved ones are soon to be blessed with the "Zinger Double Down King." This lump of power food is Bun-less (presumably to cut back on caloric intake). The fried chicken in this delicacy is infused with an energetic meat patty in the middle along with an appetizing, low-salt, low-calorie mystery sauce to get that heart pumping. The new item went on sale in South Korea this month, probably to make certain their soldiers could catch any North Korean spies running across the border.

I can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday so I can kill two birds with one stone. I plan to purchase five dozen of these beauties for the guys at my party. I am sure to go right to the top of their popularity list. It will also elevate me in the eyes of their wives and girlfriends who will not have to worry about being dragged to the boring game next year.

. . .