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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Insurers Do Care – Cross My Heart, They Hope You Die!

I am definitely not politically an Independent. I am independent. I really do attempt to keep an open mind. To me, party affiliation is tantamount to negotiating away part of my brain. I also loathe politics. Nevertheless, these days it is hard to play ostrich in a nation so polarized, which does not mean there is any interest in my views on the presidency. But you might care to hear a personal story.

A year or so ago, I was diagnosed with a routine hernia, which required surgery. The diagnosis ruined my Christmas holiday season, but one takes his lumps and bears them (pardon the pun). To confirm the diagnosis, my doctor sent me to the hospital for a CT scan, which as we all know is a costly procedure. Now, I was not the least bit concerned with cost since I have the best insurance the state of Florida has to offer. The insurance carried a family deductible, of course, which I had previously satisfied throughout the year. What a way to wind up a great 365 days – a hospital test on New Year’s Eve! Oh well, I’m tough. Nothing left to do but arrange for the insurance payment. Hold on. Not so fast!

The nurse at the doctor’s office very kindly indicated that there seemed to be a problem with my insurance coverage. Premium payment perhaps? No, it is paid directly. Multiple tests maybe? Nope. Not me. I’m a one-test guy. I knew what it was – The Mistake. You see, there is always The Mistake. No sweat. The nurse indicated she would call the company to ascertain the problem. If I were lucky, I could get the test approved in the morning. And I am lucky. The insurance company personnel stayed up all night that New Year’s Eve, and determined by 8:00 am there was no problem. I was good to go on the first of the year. Oh, did I forget to mention my family deductible amount started over again on the first of each year. So does yours. The Mistake cost me some money.

I had a fantastic surgeon. The hospital was second-to-none. The nursing staff was superb. I am just fine. I am tough. However, I am not a complete moron – and neither are you. In the USA, we have the best medical care in the world available to us, but we are subject to the whims of faceless predator insurance companies that can make additional profits if you fail to survive pre-surgery. How is your stock performing? Maybe, you can leave the profits to your children – in case I need another surgery some day.


  1. The entire country knows it's a scam, but what we have is still better than what we are in for.

  2. A simple test, like a swap & smear & microscope in the office, is super expensive!!!

    I feel your financial pain. We still have things better in the U.S. than many other countries. We still have a long way to go. I, too, try to think "independent."

    Still trying to smile!
    Angeline-Marie of


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