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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soar Forever

Soar Forever

                                   Miami Artist Angeline Marie Martinez ( recently posted some fabulous photos of an air show in Key West, Florida. As an avid Hemingway fan, and a frequent visitor to the Keys, I could not help but transport my mind to the days of the Lost Generation. Viewing the airplanes in their mastery made me think of Hemingway’s comments on F. Scott Fitzgerald in a famous sketch in the memoir, A Moveable Feast:
                                   “His talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust on a butterfly’s wings. At one time he understood it no more than the butterfly did and he did not know when it was brushed or marred. Later he became conscious of his damaged wings and of their construction and he learned to think and could not fly anymore because the love of flight was gone and he could only remember when it had been effortless.”
                                   Of course, Hemingway’s perception of Fitzgerald was also his prophetic description of his own later years. May a similar fate never befall those of us with diverse artistic interests. I, for one, will soar – and enjoy, as long as I can.


  1. JJ,
    I feel like that butterfly often. What I love to do takes more effort sometimes than in the past sometimes. This encompasses everything: painting, drawing, writing...going out and meeting new people.... Andy says that I begin projects all at once, move from one to the other, and then finish them off little by little.
    SOAR - flying is always worth it, just like writing!
    Thanks, JJ!!!!

  2. A-M: I agree with you. We often beat ourselves up for doing the very things that bespeak our creativity. Just fly!


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