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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don Winslow of the Navy

Top WWII Era Actioner - 3 March 2005

Author: John T. Ryan from Chicago, Illinois

Don Winslow started life as the leading character in a series of books aimed at the juvenile boy trade. From there, Don had his own newspaper strip, Radio Program and Comic Book series. Finally, he made the jump to the silver screen in two serials from Universal.

The first one, DON WINSLOW of  the NAVY rates as one of the very best of that era. It combined naval action with spies of still unnamed nations fighting forces of the U.S. Navy in a fictional South Pacific locale. Winslow acted as much as an intelligence agent as he did a Naval Officer.

The casting of Don Terry in the lead was truly a masterstroke, as he did not play the character. He became Don Winslow. The others in the cast did a yeoman's job making the whole film run very well and seemed to be a more realistic portrayal of real life occurrences than many serials did.

 Add to this good music, with the theme being a stirring rendition of "Anchors Aweigh" and we have one serial from the top shelf of Universal Pictures. And it seems to hold up quite well today.

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