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Monday, May 23, 2011

An Honor

Photography Tips

I am honored to receive this award from Mari Sterling Wilbur of Photography Tips. She has a beautiful site, which I encourage everyone to visit.

As a prerequisite, I agreed to post seven things about myself, so here it goes. Some of my followers might know these things about me, but still don’t seem to hold them against me:

1. I do not believe in time. Time is a human creation used to measure stress. I don’t have any, so I have no need for time. In my house, we have 14 clocks, all set to different hours. The main clock simply says, “NOW.”

2. I am a vegetarian.

3. I have traveled the world extensively and in the process I have gained a great deal of respect for many cultures.

4. I speak five languages.

5. I NEVER give up.

6. I am married many years to my college sweetheart, and she gets better every day.

7. The human quality most important to me is LOYALTY.

Once again, Mari, I thank you!


  1. Hey, I like you!!! And I agree with you that the most important human quality is loyalty. Too bad not everyone feels that way.

    Check out my latest poem on my post!!

  2. I was a vegetarian for more than 20 years. I finally caved in though, to the smell of bacon.

    Congratulations on your award.

  3. Congratulations on an award richly deserved. What languages do you speak? And what are some of the favorite places you visited? (Or are you saving this information for the next award you get?!)

  4. I am not surprised you got this award... I like the last quality most of all.. Its hard to find someone w/that quality..

  5. Judie: Thank you. I agree it is a shame. I'll check out your poem.

    Miriam: Just a little strange.

    Thank you, KB.

    The Blogger Formerly Known As: Thank you. Bacon does smell terrific, but it doesn't tempt me.

    Galen: Thank you. Italian, Spanish, German, French, and a little English. I love Munich and Florence, but I can rattle off some other great places to visit!

  6. Holy Moly.... 5 languages. This is life-time accomplishment.
    Congrats on your award. You are one loyal friend.

  7. Manzi: My grandparents spoke only Italian, so I grew up with it. I studied Spanish in school, and adopted one of my children from Chile. She was five and only spoke Spanish. We lived in New Hampshire, and visited French-speaking Quebec often. I lived and taught in Germany and Austria for two years, where I learned German. I also taught in Spain, Italy, and France. I have been blessed.

  8. After my oldest spent about 2 or so years in Italy her accent got confused when she spoke Spanish, the instructor told her she spoke Spanish w/an Italian accent... have u ever crossed your accents?

  9. KBF: I did exactly the same thing, and I'm sure I still do. When I was in South America, I was on line to buy something when I overheard the clerk tell a customer that the store would not accept credit cards. Apparently, they were not accepting cards from Venezuelans at the time, which is another story. As I stood up to the register, I told the clerk I did not have enough cash on me. She asked me if I had a credit card. I gave her the card and asked her why she took mine and not the other customer's card. She responded, "Because I can tell you're Argentinian by your Italian accent!

  10. Wow, you never cease to amaze me. Love your comment about mixing up accents. I once had a professor that taught Japanese with an Australian accent. Whoo, that was crazy!
    So this not believing in time thing- I could totally get down with that as my one biggest pet peeve is people who believe and act as if they are old, WAY before they actually are. I don't plan on acting old EVER!
    But I have just one question: How do you manage to meet anyone for lunch or anything else without some semblance of time?!

  11. aawww JJ bless you on number 6 that is a sweet thing to say. I agree with you on the time issue i have many clocks but i do not wear a watch it is added stress value and i do not need it ;-)) I always get to where i need i be ;-) Have a lovely week, dee ;-)

  12. Love it. Such great facts and they show what a fabulous thinker you are. Congrats on the award, it is well-deserved.

    Re: your comment on fear - I think you and I are just arguing semantics at this point. I definitely agree that fear can help us be aware of our so-called limitations and make us better. I think I was talking about the fear that others would use to try and control us or demean us :)

  13. I just posted 7 things about myself. Mine are not as deep and interesting as yours!!

  14. Sorry for the late responses. I have been unable to access Blogger for two days. The solution: I had to delete my cache and cookies.

    'Yellow Rose' Jasmine: I am never inconsiderate, but most of my friends go with me. If not, either they wait or I do. Also, my wife keeps me on task.

    Dee: You have a wonderful week as well.

    Phoenix: Yes, you were very clear. I just thought I would throw that in for discussion. No one should ever place anyone in fear, and your post was excellent!

    Judie: Contrarily, I find you quite interesting.

  15. Congratulations JJ!! We share to commonalities.. I too am married to my college sweetheart & I too believe that loyalty is a very important human quality!
    I do hope to travel someday & experience the beauty of this world on foreign shores. I am working on the never giving up thing.. I'm a work in progress, I suppose you could say!!!

  16. Kath: I, too, am a work in progress.


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