A Mother’s Last Words

A Mother’s Last Words

“…if I should not see you again, I wish you to remember and treasure up some things I have already said to you.

In this world you will have to make your own way.

To do that you must have friends.

You can make friends by being honest and you can keep them by being steadfast.

You must keep in mind that friends worth having will in the long run expect as much from you as they give to you.

To forget an obligation or be ungrateful for a kindness is a base crime, not merely a fault or sin, but an actual crime. Men guilty of it sooner or later must suffer the penalty.

In personal conduct be always polite but never obsequious.

None will respect you more than you respect yourself.

Avoid quarrels as long as you can without yielding to imposition. But sustain your manhood always. 

Never bring a suit in law for assault and battery or for defamation. The law affords no remedy for such outrages that can satisfy the feelings of a true man.

Never wound the feelings of others. Never brook wanton outrage upon your own feelings.

If you ever have to vindicate your feelings or defend your honor, do it calmly. If angry at first, wait till your wrath cools before you proceed.”


These were the last words of Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson to her fourteen year old son, Andrew.



  1. She sounds like a very wise woman.

  2. Wise and beautiful words! I will tell several of my friends to come here and read this meaningful advices. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share them.

  3. Great advice. They should broadcast this stuff on the news.

  4. Well, I'll be darned! That is EXACTLY what I told my own kids.

    Great post. JJ!!

  5. Very cool. A wonderful list of advice given in beautiful prose. I don't know anything about this woman. Now I'll have to go and look her up!

  6. I really like this. So well put with a lot of
    great life advice in it.

  7. Those are excellent treasures of wisdom to pass on.

  8. Robin: She does. I do not particularly like Andrew Jackson, but mom sounds terrific.

    FanaticoUm: Thank you. I think she is worth reading.

    Karen: They only tell us bad news. I prefer positivity.

    Judie: They are good principles. I would expect you to pass only good things to your children.

  9. 'Yellow Rose' Jasmine: I don't know much about her either, but she sounds wise.

    Mama Pike: It is pretty good advice. I like it as well.

    Ames: Living well is what it is all about.

    Miriam: They are "treasures." The perfect word.

  10. JJ, thanks for the comment on my Saturday Centus. As you know, I have two stories in the works, and a few more in my head. If I ever can find the time to just sit down and write, I might accomplish something....

    If you would like to read the work of one of my progeny, just go to my left sidebar and click on the photo of Joey in the pool.

  11. 'Never bring a suit in law for assault and battery or for defamation. The law affords no remedy for such outrages that can satisfy the feelings of a true man.'

    This brought tears to my eyes.

  12. Sad for Andrew,that he didn't know his mother longer, although becoming President shows his many strengths. Imagine our world if we all lived by her words......

  13. Suze: I feel that way.

    Galen: I agree.

    Judie: I sure will.

    Karen S: I agree.


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