It’s Warm in My Skin


For a few years now, I have been writing regularly on this blog. I have taken pride in being supportive of all my followers, sympathetic to everyone’s difficulties, and I would like to think I have tried to help (as best I could) anyone with a problem.

Obviously, since I have been absent for a while, my readers can figure out that I have hit a few snags in my own life. One thing that has been important to me has been to let my friends know that nothing is insurmountable. Thus, when I encountered some problems, I chose not to share. I did not want my online friends to see me as less than a rock.

I am being true to my word. I am in the process of conquering the forces with which I am dealing. When I succeed, which will be shortly, I shall return to blog land more positively than ever.

In the interim, I am still here to help a friend should any of you need some support. Just e-mail me.

Be well, my friends.


  1. Sorry you have been going through some hard times but glad you are working through them. All the best.

  2. JJ: I have been having the worst two months... dealing w/another loss, and also dealing w/a mother who I am finding out has a lot of character flaws that have made me want to distance myself from.... When I find out a person's true colors and loyalty is not there, it makes me want to pull away regardless of the relationship... Right now I am trying to deal w/my feelings... I had no clue things weren't going well in your neck of the woods... I just thought u were busy w/ teaching.... Hang in there, I am trying my best to do so...I am thinking positive thoughts for YOU!

  3. Dear JJ,

    You're such a stoic man & hope that your struggle ends well for you soon, whatever it may be. Life is wonderful but it sure can throw some unexpected curve balls and your attitude is by far the best one to have. Thinking of you my friend and I wish you all the very best!

    Warm regards, Kath

  4. Ah yes, I have gotten the idea that you are one of those who when hard times come, you get quieter. While others of us, well- we get 'louder' and have to put it all out there. It's funny how we're all different in that way. Sort of like those who stop eating under stress and those who pig out...
    I hope that whatever is getting to you is over soon. I do miss your insights and your genuine interest in those who are different from yourself. Be well.

  5. So sorry to hear your having some struggles JJ i do hope everything is well with your family. Always here also if you ever need to bend an ear. Take lots of care and remember everything happens for a reason and always try to take the positive from the negaitive. Keep smiling, dee ;-)

  6. Hi JJ .. keep thinking of the upsides - and the downsides will work through .. all the very best - these things are sent to try us .. look after yourself too .. cheers Hilary

  7. Oddly enough, I dedicated something to you on Wednesday for HERE'S TO YOU. You might appreciate it..

  8. Thank you, my friends. Cats always land on their feet. Be well.

  9. Thoughts and prayers are with you,JJ.


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