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wyeth, andrew big room 1948

Thanks to Karen S. at 21 Wits, by Karen, I have joined The Mag at Magpie Tales. Our task was to write about something inspired by the painting, Big Room, 1948, by Andrew Wyeth, pictured above. Here are my spontaneous reactions:

A Personal Thought

In my life, I have stayed in many a room, all with different personalities, moods, and levels of acceptance.

I recall having three roommates in college, and while the dorm we shared was dark and dismal, it enabled us to cement lasting friendships.

When I was first married, our one-room apartment looked awful, and would have been honored to be labeled “in disrepair,” yet housed what continues to furnish me with some of my favorite memories in life.

My wife and I had an opportunity to stay at Princess Maria Teresa’s summer palace in Vienna, Austria, which was an elaborate room that welcomed us from day one, and a castle in England’s Cotswolds, fit for kings and queens, and we loved them both.

Sharing a room with a couple of our friends on a train through Western Europe was a blast my wife and I speak of quite often.

It just occurred to me that I learned something about rooms. Whether they are elaborate or shabby, large or small, clean or dirty, fit for rats or royalty, they are meaningless unshared.


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  1. That's the truth. Friends invited us to stay with them next February. They were refurnishing the guest room/his home office with twin beds, instead of a queen; no couple want to share a queen size bed was their explanation.
    Except this couple, I thought. I like my honey's foot in the bed. I don't like twins--beds or kids. We're looking for hotels in their area.

  2. Linda: I'm with you. My wife and I have had that same experience, and also solved it with a hotel reservation.

  3. People are what make anywhere significant.

  4. Jenny: Absolutely! I know we all enjoy our solitude, but over the long haul, we need other humans around.

  5. Your post got me to thinking about something I have considered writing about--my favorite room in the house. I love my whole house, but there is usually a place that feels special to me. Over the years, it hasn't always been the same room. Hmm. Loved your reflection.

  6. Galen: After I wrote it, I started thinking about Joyce's Kilmer's poem, The House With Nobody in It. That was probably on my mind.

  7. I am so happy you joined The Mag, and I hope you continue the journey with us. It's a fascinating ride! I appreciate the mention, thank you. Now for your lovely post! You are so absolutely right, and it is the sharing of others or another that make it special or funny, silly or just a riot! What an exciting accounting of the rooms of your past, all leading up to your touching finish. Great first Mag and welcome dear friend!

  8. What a lovely post and so very true. I have lived in some horrible places at one stage a bedsit and although the house was horrible with shared bathroom and kitchen etc. the room we had we made nice, and i suppose no matter where you are home is where your heart is. Have a lovely week JJ and thank you for always stopping by and leaving lovely comments. dee ;-))

  9. Karen: Thank you. I think The Mag is fantastic.

    Dee: Thank you. It is alwyas my pleasure to visit your blog.

    Miriam: Thank you. It was just a personal thought.

  10. Beautifully written! I so agree.

  11. Ritva: Thank you very much!

  12. gautami tripathy: Thank you. I also read your blog, and your writing is beautiful. I have now joined your site.

  13. Yes! WHO we travel through this life with matters a whole lot more than anything else, it seems. So many wonderful adventures both cheap and fantastically elaborate!

  14. Jasmine: I agree. I surround myself only with positive people, or occasionally negative people looking to change their outlook on life.


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