Can’t Wait to Show Off My Bikini


Oh stop! Shame on you.

Of course, I mean my new Jeep Bikini Top. I am in the process of equipping my Jeep for the long, off-road trip we are planning for next summer. So far, we have only one problem. We have no idea where we are going.

Some possibilities include Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, the Pacific Northwest, and Labrador.

Alaska is huge, and there is no way I could see all the areas I would like to visit there in one lifetime. However, hiking up some of Mount McKinley has always been one of my dreams and it is something I will accomplish.

Carol has not spent much time in the Canadian Rockies, but I have. They are massive and majestic, and the fishing is superb. Exploring some regions I have never seen is enticing. Half the fun is studying up on the various accessible wilderness areas.

I am enamored with the Pacific Northwest. One of my fondest memories in life was hiking with my oldest daughter 257 miles through the Cascades into Canada. We saw elk, bear, marmots, mule deer, and many animals I had never seen before, all in their natural habitats. The fishing was fabulous, which was a good thing because that’s all we had to eat for three weeks!

Labrador interests me greatly. We have explored Newfoundland, which is an island, when we lived in New Hampshire. It is odd that we never traveled to Labrador, but our rationale was that since it is connected to the mainland, “we could always go there.” Now, from Florida, it is a trek.

Help us out. Do any of you have experience in these areas, or perhaps a remote spot we have overlooked?




  1. Whatever yoiur choice will, be, JJ, please, tell us about it in your blog, so that we can imagine how it is!

  2. If I may make a slight suggestion, especially since you want to see the Pacific Northwest, you could meander your way on the old Route 66 along the way. They have areas on it that are renewed just like the old days, and I just know you'd (well you for sure) would enjoy a diner or too and filling station like they offer!

  3. Karen: I do agree. I have done much of Route 66, but Carol will want to give it a try. Good suggestion, thanks.

    Fanático_Um: Will do, thanks.

  4. It's hard to say. Only you and your wife will know what would be best. In the end, the right answer will come to you. Now, how would this fit in with possibly being in Asia for the next year???

  5. Jasmine-Welcome to my world!

  6. hah! Labrador is a PLACE?!? I had no idea. I bet that jeep looks good.

  7. New Zealand is a beautiful country to drive through.

  8. CalinMarie-It is and it does.

    KB-It's just a little tough to get there by jeep.

  9. I know nothing about these places but they all sound exciting :)
    Good luck!!
    Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  10. I would ask Carol if she prefers to see a place where you know your way around a bit (the Rockies)? That would offer a measure of safety and she wouldn't feel like you are BOTH our of your element. OR if she would prefer that you BOTH jump feet first into a brand new situation? Your wife is one of the smartest people I have ever met (and very intuitive).

    If she says she wants to go someplace new than I would start talking about what I wanted from the experience. What do you want to see? What kind of terrain is most appealing? So many trips she has just been along for the ride. Granted, she has had a fantastic time. However, she has not had much to do with the planning.

    This is new for her. You know she is excellent at procuring a dwelling and decorating and redecorating, etc. So, clearly she cares about her surroundings. She is just so used to you making these decisions that she doesn't know what it is like to be in the driver's seat here. I think that when she fully comprehends that Choice A offers this and Choice B offers this she will have an opinion. Just keep feeding her information. She doesn't make snap decisions. She has to move the furniture about fifteen times before it suits her. Things SETTLE in her brain.

    Have patience my friend... This could be the BEST trip your life!!!!

    P.S. Miss you guys:-)

  11. Well, of course I will encourage you to come to the Pacific Northwest because then I might get to meet you in person! For pure scenic beauty, it's hard to beat the Rockies, especially Banff in Canada. The time I spent in Alaska was in the early 70s before the pipeline--don't know what it's like now, but still beautiful, I'm sure. Any place you choose will be perfect.

  12. Miriam: I have visited three of the four in the past, and they are very exciting.

    Galen: I have been to the Pacific Northwest many times, and I love the area. There is so much I have not seen. Also, I have fished up in Banff and Kamloops, and I can't wait to go back. Of course, if I go back to Oregon, you will be the first to know.

    Robin: Robin, "she has not had much to do with the planning." Not so. We have always planned everything together. She is just a little more afraid of the wilderness areas, rapids, and venomous snakes, but she loves adventure.

    "She is just so used to you making these decisions that she doesn't know what it is like to be in the driver's seat here." Not so. Half the places we have traveled in our lifetime were selected by her. Many of our trips were arranged solely by her. Neither one of us ever keeps score.

    You are correct about one thing - my wife always weighs the situation carefully. Make no mistake about it; all four of those destinations offer what we both like in life. There is no competition in our world.

  13. JJ, if you have never been to Glacier National Park in Montana, that is a "must see." It is best visited in mid-summer, because you could get caught in a snow-storm like we did.

    Have you been to Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Isle, in Maine? I have been there many times. It boasts the tallest mountain on the Atlantic coast.

    As you can see, I believe in seeing America first. The Parks Service has a Golden Passport that allows seniors to get in for free.

    Better do it soon, JJ, before the the government runs out of money and has to close them down.


  14. Judie: I have been to both places. We lived in New Hampsire, so we visited and camped in Acadia many times. I actually traveled through Glacier and into Canada on horseback.

    Seniors? I just turned 39!

    As for the government, I am proud of you. I thought you favored the spend, spend, spend people.

    Hope to see you and Rod soon.

  15. Man, do I envy you!
    Haven't been spent much time in the North West or Canada, but looking forward to reading about your adventures...


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