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Since I have posted a little story on The Disconnected Traveler about a family vacation in Arizona, I thought I would post a few photos from that trip:

Walnut Canyon National Monument.RTF
The photo above was taken at the Walnut Canyon National Monument. If you look closely, you can see the ruins of an Anasazi dwelling built into the side of the cliff. I am not a photographer and used a Polaroid camera for the shot.

The photo below was taken as we entered Saguaro National Monument:


You can see three of my children standing below the cactus to get some size perspective.

Next, here are two photos of Wupatki National Monument:

The top one was taken from a distance, and once again from the second picture, you can see the perspective with my kids standing in what was once a Native American arena.

Below, I climbed alone (with permission) because of the danger to the top of an ancient Zuni Indian dwelling:


In Tucson, we enjoyed the re-creation of the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral:


And, of course, the kids couldn’t miss the Little House on the Prairie from the old TV show:
Another interesting artifact was located at the Tumacacori National Monument. Texas does not have the patent on Alamo style missions:

At the Montezuma Castle National Monument, I was not permitted to climb to the top, but I got as close as possible. You can see how the early Native Americans built lavish structures right into the sides of the cliffs:

The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument was reminiscent of Stonehenge in the UK, and probably just as old:

casa grande

And finally, here are my little ones at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, along with my wonderful wife:
botanical gardens1
botanical gardens2
botanical gardens3
There is so much to explore in Arizona, which is a huge state. I have been able to take several adventurous journeys (alone, of course) through desert landscapes and river excursions that helped to hone my skills at wilderness survival, but some of my most memorable travels have been with my family, and always, except for some ultra dangerous ventures, with my wife.

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  1. Oh amazing places, I love that eighties effect, reminds me of family snapshots.

    1. Jenny: It was a terrific time to raise a family. We lost many photos in a flood years ago, which is a shame, but the memories will last forever, and I do have many more that I intend to post on The Disconnected Traveler (

  2. Love that last photo of your daughter with her hands on each side of her head!. Was she having a moment? i.e. 'not another photo!'....I bet u miss those days when they were small!.

    1. Chrissy: You are exactly right on all counts.

  3. Wonderful photos. Amazing to live in a country with such an amazing variety of landscapes, environments, and cultures. Those cliff dwellings are unbelievable. Thanks for sharing your vacation.

  4. Oh JJ this was superb! I just adore every waking and sleeping moment I ever had in Arizona. Your post brings back so many happy memories and your last photo could have been me...with my own adorable children-I truly miss my visits to my grandfather's quaint little- man's ranch! Even if a rattle snake once made it into his shower, yikes!

    1. Karen: Thank you. The memories are always terrific. I even like (and respect) snakes!

  5. Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Julia: Thank you. They make me happy.


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