It Does Not Get Better Than This


Following an unsuccessful surgery, three-year old Grayson Clamp did not get the help he needed to restore his hearing.  His parents had nearly lost hope, until they agreed to a brain procedure considered to be an experiment on children. The results are quite obvious – and heartwarming.

Grayson had been deaf since birth. He was not born with the cochlear nerves in his ears necessary for him to process sound, and a cochlear implant had failed. However, modern science can prove to be miraculous. 

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  1. Great post, JJ! It is touching and inspiring.

  2. That made me tear up. Awesome!!!

  3. I saw this on the news last week. His little face is so precious -- and that pointing finger?! Such a clear communication: Was that YOU! Did YOU do that?

    I wish the news carried more happy stories like this.

  4. That's an amazing story. It brought tears to my eyes.

    Our older son had a hearing problem with he was little, and was about four years old when he got surgery. As we waited for him to wake up in the recovery room, my husband and I were talking very quietly... practically whispering. Our son opened his eyes, and a big fat tear rolled down his cheek. "I can hear you," he said. Then big fat tears rolled down OUR cheeks.

  5. Hi JJ .. this is just wonderful .. my uncle was an ear nose and throat surgeon, and made training films in the 1950s ... ground breaking at the time - he showed me some when he was 93 or so! Also I was interested to learn that taste is affected by the ears ...

    So much has been achieved in medical help - amazing .. so pleased for the little one .. cheers Hilary

  6. This made me cry... it is truly miraculous.

  7. That was a phenomenal event. As one who has had nerve damage with total loss of hearing in one ear, it is amazing how far medicine has come since I was a kid dragged here and there by parents looking for a cure. It's a blessing for this boy. He'll do great.


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